Nominated for:
Family Business of the year

A business can only be successful if its team are strong. I am extremely proud that all our team work hard every single day and are now more like family than colleagues. Without you all, where we are today would not be possible.

We are extremely honest and hardworking. The VerriBerri team believe transparency is key and as such we operate an open door policy and meet our
clients monthly with easy to read reports so they can see exactly what had been achieved. We never work with anyone we do not wholeheartedly believe we can benefit and ensure a 100% ROI. We have become personal friends with many of our clients and it is not unusual to see us at their birthdays and weddings. VerriBerri’s ethos is firmly on great relationships and results.

The business was started by Sarah Kauter in 2009. She was inspired to work for herself as her father, Frederick had supported his family as a sole trader for over 30 years. With the help of her dad, Sarah set VerriBerri (then named Remote Assistant) up. Within a year her brother Jack was working with her learning new skills in his gap year before university. After Jack left Sarah’s sister Rebecca, a graphic designer, joined and the business was rebranded by the two sisters as VerriBerri. Fast forward three years and Jack had returned from University with a degree in business management. With him came Camilla, his long-term girlfriend he had met at University and they both filled positions within Verriberri. In addition to the above and to complete the circle, Sarah and her team are now working to promote her father Frederick’s business, securing publicity in national magazines.

We are a small team of 14 that work extremely hard to push ourselves and clients into the spotlight. We were delighted to be recognised as one of the top
10 leading businesses in our field in the UK. We have made it into this year’s Parliamentary Review as one of the leaders in the digital and technology sector and also won awards for our blogging skills. We encourage young people to reach their full potential by taking in work experience pupils from local schools and universities. We worked with our local newspaper this year for World Youth Skills day to support this, We love working with charities and when we do so do this at cost price in order to help them wherever we can.

The business was started in 2009 by a single mum working from a garage trying to support two children under the age of 18 months. As time passed new members of the team joined the team and it grew to the current group. Key elements would be taking on work with clients across the globe and supporting charities, both local and national. Our work has been showcased in magazines and shops windows from Essex to Kenya which is extremely satisfying to see. We ensure our team work well together by working hard to build relationships by travelling together as a team once a year and undertaking both business and personal development training together.

VerriBerri is passionate about working with small and start up companies. There is nothing quite like the satisfaction you get when you see a person, not a
corporation, succeed. We love helping others to become the very best they can be and then shouting about it for them. As above, We do work nationally but we absolutely adore local businesses, watching them grow brings a sense of satisfaction like no other. We help them to organise local and charity events and will often be found either filming this or manning a burger stall when an extra pair of hands is needed. Over 65% of the businesses we work with are local. As a marketing and PR company, a huge emphasis is put on both on and offline media in order to achieve recognition.


What town/city are you based in?
Maldon, Essex (South East)

Marketing and PR

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