Nominated for:
• Best small business

• Entrepreneur of the year
• Technology & innovation

Truway started in September 2014. Following my wife’s second pregnancy, after working as Finance Director for the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Kazakhstan, I returned to Dublin to found a software business. Since the beginning, we concentrated on innovation, different techniques in development for our client and also for in-house software development. 
Since September we have developed software for 4 different industries. And we are so delighted to be part of their success through our suggestions and development. One of the company got a big annual contract for their software and second company is looking for us to be part of launching their software in the US. 

We had a successful year for in-house development also. In Fintech world we developed (continues development) an innovative and technology driven by Financial Technology having focus on POS Analytics Software, Merchant Services, Payment Gateway and Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) services. Truway is a classic example of the true amalgamation of Traditional & new-age Technology driven offerings to make our services more accessible to our customers. The simple, effective and secure solution that helps in generating more revenue, reduce cost and be able to make better business decisions with real-time insight into their business. End to End control of the business with simple software and mobile app that can be used in the office and on the go.

1) Successful win Global Entrepreneur Programme of IBM where we have been awarded 12,000USD and their services
2) In Collaboration of Ulster University Northern Ireland, Microsoft Ireland & Irish Times, I have been selected for 2-year programme in Microsoft Ireland to learn and grow in Artificial Intelligence, Data Analytics, Innovation along with the Software Engineering. 
3) Nominated to join the old 1820 and well reputed Organisation Royal Dublin of Society

What town/city are you based in?
LucanCo Dublin (Ireland)

Number of generations
1st generation

Technology – Other

Number of employees