Company name
Troy Foods Ltd


What town/city are you based in?
Leeds, West Yorkshire

Number of generations
4th generation

Food Production

Number of employees


Tell us about your family business (What you do, how you started, who’s involved etc)
In 1928, John F Kempley Snr (JFK the original!) established a potato merchants in the heart of Yorkshire. A year later, JFK Jnr, took over the business and started processing vegetables, namely potatoes. The business was moved to Troy Road, Horsforth, Leeds. The original factory was rebuilt to make way for expansion and growing the business.

In the 1970s and 1980s, David Kempley, CEO & owner joined the family business and the organisation since has been through many different phases, which have shaped the Troy Foods we know today. David used his entrepreneurial outlook and persisted in developing his dream of what the business is today, which was to develop and enhance the organisation further by taking risks, being ahead of the competition and reacting quickly to market innovations. David invested heavily in technology, equipment and people throughout the years, and these values form the basis of what we are about today.

We ventured into prepared salads, with our other brands Cranborne Foods, Springfield Salads and Potatapeal. In 2000, we purchased new premises in Beeston, Leeds, off Gelderd Road (our Head Office) and in keeping with tradition, we kept the name of the road in Horsforth, Leeds, where the business was established, and Troy Foods was born. In 2006, we expanded and purpose built our Salads manufacturing facility in Hunslet, Leeds. In 2016 we opened our Distribution Hub in Stourton, Leeds, which also made way for our training facility.

Today we are the UK’s leading vegetable processing manufacturer and the leading seller of branded salads and continue to expand and develop the business in the same entrepreneurial mindset as David had in the 80s. James, David’s eldest son has worked his way up in the business to become Commercial Director in 2016 and has the same entrepreneurial spirit as David. We are the leading processor of vegetables for other food manufacturers, have our own fleet of vehicles and pave the way in innovations and technology use in our operations.

Our Heads of Departments are encouraged to have the entrepreneurial spirit of our CEO which gives our Trojan Warriors the freedom to make decisions that impact their part of the business.

What’s your proudest moment/biggest achievement as a family business?
We have had many during the last few years.

  • Winning the sword of honour in September last year for Health and Safety.
  • Being nominated for the finalist for The National Family Business Awards 2017.
  • Being nominated as a finalist for the Family Business of the Year Award 2017.
  • Winning ROSPA Gold awards.
  • Achieving great success in our customer and BRC audits.
  • Achieving results in our ethical trading audits and anti-slavery movements.
  • Giving back to the local community in charities such as Martin’s House, The Princes Trust and St. George’s Crypt.
  • Investing in people, their careers and development, and seeing them achieve their results and be promoted throughout the ranks.
  • Winning new business as a team and watching it being integrated into the business as a team and achieving great success.
  • Opening our new factories and distribution centres to cater for our expanding business.

What do you love about being a family business?
We love being a family business; the ethos, the culture, the care and the hard work everyone shows. We love making decisions quickly as a family and our Trojan Warriors are recruited for their best abilities to work in a culture of chaos. Due to the nature of our products and customers, we deal with highly perishable products. We are agile, adept and capable of making decisions together quickly. The Kempley family extend their family caring ethos throughout the business and the network of people and Team Troy work hard to the best of their abilities for the Kempley Family. It’s working for a family business, a set of individuals, people who are real and understand the impact on family life, that gives family businesses the edge, and this is no different at Team Troy. We are proud to be privately owned and believe this has contributed massively to our success.