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Family business of the year

Although we state that we are a first generation business formed in 1999, the history of the Forman Hardy family goes back to a nineteenth-century newspaper and printing business. With the onset of digital competition, the business was sold to a regional newspaper acquirer in the mid-1990s ending the family’s association with print and the Nottingham Evening Post in particular. 

Like many who have sold their family business the next decision is what to do with the proceeds and how to ensure that legacy benefits future generations of the family. After a period of lacklustre service from traditional providers, the decision was taken to start an investment business to ensure appropriate stewardship of investment decisions for following generations.

Nearly twenty years on and having survived the roller-coaster of financial markets this century, the business is thriving, receiving award nominations and accreditations for its differentiated approach to investments focusing on transparency, outcomes and accessibility.

The next generation is involved in the day-to-day running of the business and has brought in external executives to ensure an effective management structure. The business is still based in Nottingham and has spawned a sister company delivering fund administration services to other investment businesses in the UK.

What town/city are you based in?
Nottingham (Midlands)

Number of generations
1st generation

Financial – Accountancy/Investments/Banking/Wealth Management

Number of employees