Company Name
Secret Linen Store

Tell us about your family business
Secret Linen Store is a bedtime business started by two sisters Molly & Harriet. We design and make beautiful cotton bed linen, bed sheets and accessories and have recently extended our range to include duvets, pillows, toppers and protectors.

Molly has years of experience in designing bed linen for big high street stores and knew she wanted to create her own brand of beautiful cotton bed linen. Harriet had experience working in marketing and accounts, so together they were the perfect pair to start the business.

What has been your proudest moment/biggest achievement?
There’s so many moments to be proud of your business… something pops up every day. Some of our highlights from the past few years:

Moving into our first proper office/warehouse space. We spent our first two years working from a tiny office space that happened to also be where we stored hundreds of boxes full of bed linen. It was on the first floor, and 50 box deliveries were arriving every week, so we decided to make a move. We now have a great, big warehouse, and an office space big enough to grow.

Working with Little Dresses for Africa, and our charity pillowcase project being a success has made us all hugely proud. We encourage all our purchasers to turn old pillowcases into dresses, so we can send them on to those in need. We’ve reached the 1000 dress mark and they just keep on coming… it makes us proud of how brilliant all our customers are.

Our first profitable month. We whooped, cheered, drank tea and ate cake to celebrate. As a small business, it was a huge achievement to finally become profitable. It reassures you that you’re doing everything right, and it can only get better from here.

What do you love about being a family business
We love that being a family business, makes us run our business better. As sisters, we can rely on each other to be open and honest about business decisions and where we want the business to go. We are both very aspirational and trust each other, which is so important. We can be business partners during the daytime, and still head out for dinner as sisters in the evening. Our abilities compliment each other and that makes our business truly unique.

As a family business, with a small team, our customers always get a personal service and we wouldn’t have it any other way. You just don’t get the same service with a big business.