Regional Winners
  • Apprenticeship Champion: Rooftec Scotland Ltd
  • Best Business to Work For: Thistle Healthcare
  • Best Small Business: John Lawson
  • Big Heart: Peter Vardy
  • Entrepreneur of the Year: Kids Bee Happy
  • Technology & Innovation: Mackie’s Crisps
  • Manufacturing Excellence: Gray & Adams
  • Rising Star: Three Sisters Bake
  • Lifetime Achievement: Sir Brian Souter, Stagecoach
  • Family Business of the Year: Campbell & Kennedy


Ireland & N.Ireland
  • Apprenticeship Champion: G.R White & Sons
  • Best Business to Work For: Tippo International
  • Best Small Business: Champions Travel
  • Big Heart: Homecare Independent Living
  • Entrepreneur of the Year: Bperfect Cosmetics
  • Technology & Innovation: Walled City Brewery
  • Manufacturing Excellence: The Galtee Group
  • Rising Star: Manmeet Abrol, Truway Management Ltd
  • Lifetime Achievement: Ian Wilson, Wilsons Auctions
  • Family Business of the Year: John Mulholland Motors
  • Apprenticeship Champion: ONE.a Hair & Beauty Salon
  • Best Business to Work For: P&A Group Companies
  • Best Small Business: Nigel’s Dairy
  • Big Heart: Lizzie’s Barn Sanctuary
  • Entrepreneur of the Year: Sky Ballantyne, Crikey Bikey
  • Technology & Innovation: Cardiff Lift Company
  • Manufacturing Excellence: Bluestone Brewing Co.
  • Rising Star: Josh Thomas, Thomas Design
  • Lifetime Achievement: William Robert, Clogau Gold of Wales
  • Family Business of the Year: ONE.a Hair & Beauty Salon


The North East
  • Apprenticeship Champion: Alfred Bagnall & Sons
  • Best Business to Work For: Sweetdreams Ltd
  • Best Small Business: Agencia Consulting
  • Big Heart: Alfred Bagnall & Sons
  • Entrepreneur of the Year: Masons Yorkshire Gin
  • Technology & Innovation: Belzona Polymerics Ltd
  • Manufacturing Excellence: Shepcote
  • Rising Star: Avaj Limited
  • Family Business of the Year: Troy Foods Ltd


The North West
  • Apprenticeship Champion: HMG Paints
  • Best Business to Work For: Lamont Pridmore
  • Best Small Business: Abbott-Wade Ltd
  • Big Heart: Lamont Pridmore
  • Entrepreneur of the Year: Mark Duerr, F.Duerr & Sons Ltd
  • Technology & Innovation: Swifty Scooters
  • Manufacturing Excellence: A&G Precision & Sons
  • Rising Star: Keith McAvoy, Seven Bro7hers
  • Lifetime Achievement: Graham Lamont, Lamont Pridmore
  • Family Business of the Year: Reays


The Midlands
  • Apprenticeship Champion: PET-Xi Training Ltd
  • Best Business to Work For: Ideal Manufacturing
  • Best Small Business: Rock Fall UK
  • Big Heart: The Elite Fish & Chip Co.
  • Entrepreneur of the Year: Harry Chase, Chase Distillery
  • Technology & Innovation: OrderWise
  • Manufacturing Excellence: Mereway Group
  • Rising Star: Greg Downey, OrderWise
  • Lifetime Achievement: Chris Hall, Hallmark Consumer Services
  • Family Business of the Year: The Smart Actuator Company


The South East
  • Apprenticeship Champion: Appt Corporation
  • Best Business to Work For: Longcroft Luxury Cat Hotel
  • Best Small Business: Valentine & Turner Family Funeral Home
  • Big Heart: Button & Family Funeral Services
  • Entrepreneur of the Year: Peter Smits, Ashbourne Insurance
  • Technology & Innovation: Azoomee
  • Manufacturing Excellence: Hypnos
  • Rising Star: Julianne Ponan, Creative Nature
  • Lifetime Achievement: Charlie Mullins OBE, Pimlico Plumbers
  • Family Business of the Year: Birtley House Group


The South West
  • Apprenticeship Champion: Brend Hotels
  • Best Business to Work For: Beards the Jewellers
  • Best Small Business: South West Play
  • Big Heart: Almeda Facilities
  • Entrepreneur of the Year: Brady George, Almeda Facilities
  • Technology & Innovation: C&C Taxis
  • Manufacturing Excellence: Celtic & Co.
  • Rising Star: Sibling Distillery
  • Family Business of the Year: Cotteswold Dairy Ltd