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PET-Xi Training Ltd


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Number of generations
1st generation


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Tell us about your family business (What you do, how you started, who’s involved etc)
1995 was the year that the multi-award winning company PET-Xi was launched.  PET-Xi was co-founded by husband and wife team Chris and Fleur Sexton.  At the time of PET-Xi’s creation, Fleur was working as a French teacher at a Special Needs School in Coventry and Chris had just finished his MSc in Artificial Intelligence.  They wanted to create a product that would help the students in Fleurs class and so PET-Xi’s first programme was launched.

Having the ethos that no young person should be left behind, to date the company have worked with over 100,000 young people across England and Wales. PET-Xi is a national education training provider renowned for intensive results-based interventions working with over 500+ schools across the UK delivering intensive, immersive, motivational and inspirational interventions that have a positive impact on learner progress – from primary to GCSEs and beyond.

PET-Xi doesn’t just work with young people in schools.  In 2016, we launched our Apprenticeship Scheme which in its first 12 months placed 60 young people in employment and achieved recognition as a Skills Funding Agency prime provider.  From school interventions for primary and secondary learners to traineeships for school leavers, business training, CPD and our NEETs work PET-Xi helps to create a Culture of Success and we are celebrated for our highly engaging approach to learning for which we call ‘Xplosive Inspiration’.

Fleur and Chris remain the sole owners of the business that now employs 85 full-time staff and over 400 contracted trainers and subject experts. Amongst the full-time team is Fleurs parents Gaye and Pete Darkins both having active roles in the business and in September 2016 the company saw Jake, Chris and Fleurs son also join the business.  Jake is one of 9 young apprentices working at PET-Xi. Fleurs’ sister Jodi also has a role within the family business as a legal consultant for the companies HR and employment law.

What’s your proudest moment/biggest achievement as a family business?
We are so proud of how the company has grown and how resolute we are to protect and maintain the family values that are at the core of everything we do at PET-Xi and we extend these values to all staff, students and partners.
We have been privileged to work directly with more than 100,000 learners and are so proud of each one of them and the achievements they have made.   Every young person from primary students to school leavers and beyond is every bit as important as the first students we worked with 22 years ago.

Since the day PET-Xi began the business has expanded at local, regional and national levels and throughout this growth, we have always maintained our headquarters in Coventry. We are proud that the company now has the reach to work with young people in communities all over England and Wales and we encourage and support community involvement and cohesion, actively contributing to networks, events and partnerships which help improve the life chances of young people in society.

What do you love about being a family business?
We love that the family feel is at the core of our business and this includes our employees and extends out beyond our company. Each member of the PET-Xi family brings their own talent, skills, experience and character to the business.
Fleur and Chris are very hands-on, actively managing the business at all levels daily.  The two complement each other, bringing their own strengths and experience to bear and acknowledge that their partnership is a true example of the whole being greater than the sum of its parts.

Our employees don’t just participate in the family feel of the business, they define it. The teamwork is second-to-none – everyone helps each other to be the best they can and we celebrate each other and every achievement that we make.
We thrive on being able to offer family incentives such as free child care and company events such as the PET-Xi Summer Ball where the whole team can get together and celebrate all that the extended PET-Xi family are with their own families, including children and babies.

The success of the young people we meet is of paramount importance to us and we treat the young people we work with as part of our larger company family – we are relentlessly optimistic and we never give up in our efforts to help them succeed.  This is evidenced even more during events such as the Summer Ball where the team are generous in raising funds for the PET-Xi Foundation.  The aim of the foundation is to give help where help is needed to any young person aged under 18, offering support in any small way that can have a positive impact in supporting young people reach their full potential in life.