Nominated for:
Rising Star

Mama Jacq’s was the nick-name given to Jacqueline Cain. She is what we refer to as the backbone of our family company. Jacqueline leads in creating all of our tasty sauces and marinades. She also leads a team in preparing delicious food for many of our events held throughout the United Kingdom. 

Jacqueline has four children; Joshua, Jaydon, Chantal, and Dominic. Two of which play a vital role in running Mama Jacq’s Ltd. 

As Director of the company, Chantal is the driving force of Mama Jacq’s vision and future. Chantal is ultimately responsible for the overall running of Mama Jacq’s and she focuses on product design, brand, sales and funding.

Dominic is in charge of the face-to-face promotional aspect of Mama Jacq’s which includes advertising, selling and organising sales by promoting events. In addition, Dominic uses the skills he has gained as a professional cook to help create our delicious sauce and marinade recipes.

What town/city are you based in?
Northamptonshire (Midlands)

Number of generations
1st generation

Food Manufacturing, Catering

Number of employees