Company name
Macknade Fine Foods


What town/city are you based in?
Faversham, Kent

Number of generations
6th generation & beyond (wow!)

Food & Drink

Number of employees


Tell us about your family business (What you do, how you started, who’s involved etc)
In 1979, Renato Cuomo moved from Ischia in Italy to create 20 acres of Pick Your Own heaven, just outside Faversham in Kent. With the support of Patricia Neame, whose family had been farming land in the area since the mid-1800s, this grew into what Macknade Fine Foods is today.

Having spent his childhood on the farm, their son Stefano took on the role of Managing Director and has been instrumental to the growth of the business. Their daughter Francesca, also helps out from time to time… when she is not kickboxing in Thailand or travelling to her second home in Kenya.

Renato has now passed on his produce management to our Wholesale & Operations Manager, Mike. However, Renato and Patricia are still very much involved with the business. They sit on the Board of Directors and are on site daily, starting their day with a cup of coffee in the café with the family and hashing out new ideas as Macknade evolves.

Set over 10,000 sqft, that original tent in a field is now the South East’s leading food hall, housing a butchery, delicatessen, café & extensive grocery selection, in addition to the fruit & vegetables that Renato started with.  We are now a genuine alternative to supermarket shopping and a destination for speciality items. Our produce ranges from fresh bread to exotic fruit, tea bags to craft beer and if we don’t sell it, we can almost certainly get it for you!

What’s your proudest moment/biggest achievement as a family business?
Our greatest achievement is how we have grown from Renato and his tent in a field to the business we are today while retaining the same sense of community and the same experience of palpable enjoyment and discovery. As we continue to grow, the investment in our senior team will allow us to retain our values. We will ensure customer experience remains, our staff consistently progress and we continue to expand on and support our suppliers.

What do you love about being a family business?
Being a family business means being part of a community, which means investing in and supporting the surrounding community and the growing Macknade Trinity which is comprised of Customers, Staff and Suppliers. We are what shopping should be about…the experience…the feeling of joy that swells up from the pit of your stomach and spreads through the beaming smile on your face! This is a shared experience we all take pride in. We are proud to work at Macknade, our suppliers are proud that we showcase their wonderful products and our customers are proud to shop with us and be part of what makes Macknade special.