Nominated for:
• Best small business

• Entrepreneur of the year
• Family business of the year

Love Layla was set up initially to be a small, low-key freelance Graphic Design business as I was made redundant leaving for maternity. My Husband, Jason, suffered a severe back injury at work and we were left with £30 in our bank and a one-year-old. Greetings Cards were something that I had delved into previously – but I launched a range of 11 Valentine’s Day cards to really get us through a bad time and get a little bit of cash flow into our household. They virtually went viral immediately and only a few months later, Jason had to join me in the business venture and we both stepped into a Director’s role.

We employed my Brother to help us with the initial rush and the business grew into where we stand today, 3 years later. We have received no funding or investment and have driven this business together to reaching in our first year, a £1mil turnover and growing into an office/warehouse environment managing 3 other members of full-time staff who are friends or family members. We sell online only and have established a huge 750k following across 3 social media platforms, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

What town/city are you based in?
PontefractWest Yorkshire (North East)

Number of generations
1st generation

Retail & Wholesale – Other

Number of employees