Company name
Joel & Son Fabrics


What town/city are you based in?

Number of generations
3rd generation

Fashion / Textiles

Number of employees

Tell us about your family business (What you do, how you started, who’s involved etc)
From very humble beginnings starting from market stalls my grandfather Joel opened his first shop on the premises of an old butcher’s shop. With his wife, Danielle, and their son Gary (my father) they stocked the shop full of the finest quality fabrics sourced from trips to Italy, Switzerland, and France.

Naming the shop Joel and Son Fabrics, it grew quickly and we are now the leading couture fabric shop in the world. After leaving school at 16 to work in the film industry, I joined the family business at 18 and started work on designing the website.

With a lot of research, I and a small team launched the site opening up our shop to the world to browse and shop our amazing unique fabrics.

What’s your proudest moment/biggest achievement as a family business?
Our proudest moment would be receiving the Royal Warrant to her Majesty the Queen. In the late 90’s Joel and Son Fabrics were honoured with a Royal Warrant from Her Majesty the Queen of England, a long standing customer of ours.
My grandfather Joel describes this day as the most privileged day of his business life, saying that the royal warrant represents “the first class nature of the shop today”.

What do you love about being a family business?
I love working with my Family, to continue in the fantastic business started by my grandparents and father. My Grandfather Joel has retired now but is still very involved calling several times a day to find out what is going on, and the business is not a business at all to him, it’s more of a hobby and passion. Working with my Father Gary is great, we have a unique relationship and are very close, we regularly discuss new innovative ideas and I learn more from him every day.