Nominated for:
Rising Star

An ambitious family business making spreads and jams is taking on corporate goliaths (Bonne Maman & Nutella) whilst proving that great taste and healthier living aren’t mutually exclusive concepts.

Jim Jams believes that the future of jams and spreads like so many other food & drinks categories will be driven by lower sugar, healthier living products that are truly in tune with Public England’s long-standing commitment to reducing sugar in all products by 20% by 2020, guidelines Jim Jams smashed from the outset. (remember 1in3 teenage kids is clinically obese in the UK)

Jim Jams has also been lucky enough to benefit from healthier living celebrity endorsements like Davina McCall who included a #notpaidtosaythishashtag and the growth of home baking where great tasting, lower calorie ingredients are in short supply.

What town/city are you based in?
Halstead, Essex (South East)

Number of generations
2nd generation

Healthier Living Spreads & Jams

Number of employees