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The success story of HiB spans 28 years and sees a one-man band grow to a fully realised multi-million-pound global market-leading brand. 

Following a successful career working for mirror manufacturer Garfield Glass, HiB founder and current company chairman, Warren Ginsberg, became a sales agent for German mirror manufacturer Flabeg, importing their products for UK bathroom retailers. At this point, pallets of product were ordered on an on-demand basis, but as interest grew, Warren realised he would need a bank of stock in the UK.

In 1990, the HiB story truly began, as Warren took space in the Tamworth warehouse of Hellmann logistics, the company he was using to transport product from Germany to the UK.

From that beginning, HiB rapidly developed into a 24-hour business, outgrowing four locations before relocating to a state of the art 85,000sq ft site at the end of last year. 

The HiB brand as we know it today was created in 2005 and, rather than selling Flabeg products, began manufacturing its own. Ten years later, HiB Novum was launched, adding sleek bathroom furniture to the existing product offering. 

Over the last 13 years, HiB has created a seismic change within the industry. Before the brand’s inception, bathroom mirrors and cabinets were seen as ‘add-on’ products. Today, as a result of HiB’s cutting-edge design, these former accessories have been elevated to show-stopping ‘must haves’, revolutionising the bathroom sector to an unprecedented degree. 

HiB are well known for being innovators, with firsts such as steam-free mirrors and cabinets, inbuilt charging sockets and LED lighting, the inclusion of Bluetooth capability and USB charging sockets. Many of these features are now standard within the industry. 

By pushing the boundaries of design, HiB has made a huge mark on the UK bathroom retailer market. So much so, that last year it was named Best Bathroom Accessory Brand for the second year running at the prestigious BKU Awards, a supremely impressive achievement within the industry. 

Following many years heading up the operational side of the brand, Warren’s son, Robert Ginsberg, became MD in 2012, solidifying the company as a family business.

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TamworthStaffordshire (Midlands)

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2nd generation

Manufacturing – Home, Garden & Lifestyle goods

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