Nominated for:
•  Best Small Business
•  Customer Service
•  Family Business of the Year

Glencor Golf Holidays is a golf tour operator providing golf holidays and breaks to UK and Irish clients.

The business is led by four family members – the founding members being husband and wife Peter and Jill Renton who ran the business from home successfully for many years by originally focusing on offering Spain and Portugal as a golf holiday destination. Five years ago, youngest son Glen joined the team after leaving his sales role for a local firm. Like his father, Glen is also an avid golfer so his previous experience coupled with his ability to communicate effectively with prospective clients about their favourite pastime helped drive the business forward. More recently, eldest son Corrie has also joined (three years ago) and has helped improve the online presence of Glencor Golf Holidays following a degree in e-Business and various digital roles in other companies. Each member of the family is a director with strategy and direction of the company discussed in monthly management meetings.

Glencor Golf Holidays has been growing consistently in the last five years, with this year continues that trend with a 35% increase in sales revenue which now exceeds £2.3m, with the same 33% increase set for 2018. In fact, since 2014 we have increased sales revenue by a total of 245% to date. Despite this rise in sales, we have remained incredibly strong in our customer advocacy with a 45% repeat business rate and a 99% service level rating from clients who have travelled and is obtained by an independent feedback service.

We are members of ABTA and the International Association of Golf Tour Operators.
Our team of six people based in York are passionate about golf and have put thousands of happy golfers on the fairways over the last 20 years. We dedicate ourselves to gaining a practical understanding of the courses that we offer whether it is in Yorkshire, the wider UK or abroad – any excuse for getting another round in!

Beyond Yorkshire, we also provide golf holidays and breaks to all other regions of the UK as well as Ireland, Spain, Portugal, France, Cyprus, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Bulgaria, Morocco and Turkey.

We are proud of our strong customer feedback which has been built up over numerous years yet managing to maintain a high score despite such rapid growth and new additions to the team. Customer service has been paramount to our success this year and much of our growth has been built upon repeat business and word of mouth recommendations either by the old-fashioned way or via social media which we have embraced by working with social media influencers by allowing to try our products and spread the message whether it is via Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or YouTube.

Passion and commitment of the sales team members to help our family grow this company further. We openly encourage ideas and feedback from everyone, and due to our small size and flat structure, we can be agile in what we implement and how quickly we can adapt to the market. It’s often difficult to transmit to non-family members the importance of the success of the business to the family that owns it however we feel we’ve recruited two team members who share the passion and vision for long-term growth and take equal amounts of pride in getting there.


What town/city are you based in?
York, North Yorkshire (North East)

Number of generations
2nd generation


Number of employees