Company name
Frog Bikes


What town/city are you based in?

Number of generations
1st generation

Bicycle manufacture

Number of employees


Tell us about your family business (What you do, how you started, who’s involved etc)
Frog Bikes was set up by cycling parents Jerry and Shelley Lawson 5 years ago when they started to teach their young children to ride bicycles.

They felt that most children’s bikes were too heavy and were not well designed for small riders.  So they set about designing lightweight aluminium frames, sourcing child-friendly componentry and creating a lively and colourful brand which appeals to kids. Frog Bikes has since grown rapidly, selling bikes through independent bike stores in 32 countries worldwide. In 2016, the company opened their own factory in Wales where bikes are assembled, reshoring operations from the Far East. Frog is delighted to be manufacturing in Britain and creating jobs locally.

What’s your proudest moment/biggest achievement as a family business?
Our greatest achievement is helping more children enjoy cycling, get active, and develop a life-long skill.  It genuinely makes our day to read a Facebook post from a proud parent whose child has just started riding confidently, or about a child who is really enjoying their cycling now that they have a lightweight and comfortable bike.

We heard from a Danish couple who took their children – aged just 6 and 8 – on a 1,400km cycling trip from Basel to Budapest, on their Frog Bikes!

What do you love about being a family business?
The whole family has been involved in the business since day 1!  From the very early days of testing prototype bikes, through to attending trade shows and chatting about the bikes, helping out at photo shoots, the couple’s two children (and many of their friends) have been closely involved in the business.

It’s not just the owners who are a husband & wife team; several of Frog’s European sales reps are couples with young children, who discovered the benefits of a Frog bike as parents, and then saw the potential in their own markets.
These relationships help to ensure the atmosphere within Frog is very family oriented. Although the global Frog team is now pretty large, the spirit is that of a close-knit and mutually supportive family team.

Frog supports hundreds of family businesses throughout Europe: many of Frog’s trade customers are small, family-run bicycle stores who face stiff competition from large retailers.  Our family-run bike stores offer wonderful advice to parents looking for a child’s bike because they really understand what families are looking for, and how to give them a great in-store experience.