Finalist Marketing Toolkit

Has a special red envelope landed on your desk? Congratulations on becoming a Finalist and being chosen to represent your region at The National Awards Ceremony. 

Now the fun begins…!

As a family business ourselves we know how much time, effort and money goes into entering awards. So we believe it should give your company as much profile and publicity as possible (and hopefully even some tangible business). So we’ve put together a Finalist Marketing Toolkit for you to use including lots of great downloads, banners and the opportunity to be featured on our website.

We want every man and his dog to know about you and your fabulous family business. Plus we hope you’ll get to know more about the other finalists and develop some great relationships with people you could work with in the future. After all, we’re all family businesses!


1. Complete your website profile page 

Please complete the form below with as much info as possible for your profile page on our website. It’s important all the info is accurate because whatever you write here will be published online for the world to see. So put your best foot forward!



2. Download your finalist artwork 

We’ve got a whole bunch of banners, thumbnails, logos and social media icons for you to use. It’s totally up to you where and how you use them. Just click each one to download and save to your computer (you might need to right-click and then ‘save’ depending on your computer).



3. Tell the press

Use our template press release (or write your own) and send to your local and industry press contacts. Journalists are always looking for great news stories and what greater than a family business being recognised for their achievements at Wembley? 

Click here to see the press release template.


4. Connect with us online

The power of social media is HUGE. We’ve got over 4,000 fans on Twitter alone so make sure you connect with us, retweet, share and like and be part of the community. Don’t forget to support other finalists too!

Click each icon to connect with us –