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Family business of the year

15 years ago a family of 7 siblings lost their beloved grandmother to cancer. Nan passed on family values, manners and the need to always strive for a better life. Without a mother, their father bought up 4 girls and 3 boys on his very own. Being a single parent black taxi driver life was hard for them all. As time went by and they all went their separate ways trying to make ends meet in dead-end jobs. The two older brothers decided to start a business in Pest Control which quickly lead to other trades. Never shy to learn more they both attended night schools and quickly became astute businessmen. 

The building trade has a bad public perception and this is due to old-fashioned attitudes. They quickly saw a gap in the market. A company that cares.  In 2011, Ricky was approached by the BBC and he stared along with his younger brother in The Rat Pack. A fly on the wall documentary following the boys chasing pests with Charlie the Jack Russell rat catcher. This was an 8 part series aired on prime time TV. This was also aired in other countries such as Australia.  Terry (second brother and Ricky’s business partner) started to develop the property and quickly learnt many trades. The boys merged companies and contacts in 2014 and have since won some local business awards.

OSD with a brand and mindful reputation makes us a trusted company that can be relied upon. We now employ 10 people in our offices and over 50 people as subcontractors. We employed our four sisters and younger brother, our Aunty and even our father works on a part-time basis.  Our office is located opposite to the primary school we all attended. We’re motivated, hard-working, fair, successful, family and our love for each other is deep within.

What town/city are you based in?
FulhamLondon (South East)

Number of generations
1st generation

Property – Trades

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