Nominated for:
• Entrepreneur of the year

• Technology & innovation
• Rising star

CDB Design & Build Ltd. Recently established in 2017, a new start-up in innovative off-site modular buildings, an area of construction that is getting more interest & exposure due to its merits in speed, efficiency & overall economic feasibility/cost, thus now undertaking R&D projects to innovate in the space and catapult into a global industry leader circa 2019. CDB Design & build with clients such as Nestle & Veolia Group have to date has exceeded the first 3 years financial projections and thus expected to complete year ones fill T/O in excess of £500,000, establishing itself in a mature & monopolised marketplace. 

Founded by cousins Nathan Edwards + Joe Jones, the company continues ahead of its business plan to continue its innovation in a new market sector, funded by private investment from founder/owners to ensure the company remains focused on its long-term business objectives through R&D in becoming a global market leader in modular shipping container buildings.

What town/city are you based in?
Swansea (Wales)

Number of generations
1st generation

Property – Construction

Number of employees