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I began CanDo Laundry Services at the age of 19 after completing my first year of university in Business Management/Marketing. I began with domestic washing machinery and a little plan of what I wanted to achieve in life.

Having only specialised in the commercial laundry and linen industry for the last 3 years, we have experienced expediential growth, pushing our capacity to the limits. With this in mind, we have commissioned an industrial laundry facility in Port Talbot. This new facility is capable of achieving 150k items a week and estimated revenue of 1.5m at full capacity. 

With the industry predominantly being dominated by multi-nationals and 100-year-old family laundries, the industry failings are clear to see when entering the industry with a fresh, millennial perspective. Industry analysis has revealed poor quality of cleaning and account management are the biggest issues our consumers face to date. This was shocking to learn to consider the industries core fundamentals are provided clean linen fit for purpose. 

Capitalising on these pain points, coupled with modern technology and a fresh perspective has allowed CANDO to grasp the South West Wales market by storm. 

Having secured contracts with the Military of Defence, LUSH’s largest spa in the world and National Hotels such as Snoozebox, it’s clear to see our approach is working. 

To date, we have grown 110% on last year’s figures. Demonstrating our aggressive and disruptive approach is exactly what the doctor ordered to refresh an age-old industry.

At present we employ 12 members of staff providing a real benefit to the local community and economy by ways of employment. We’re developing an organisational culture whereby employees mindsets understand the vision and vital role they hold in order to secure a brighter future. The opportunities are endless.

Our belief in technology is assisting us to streamline our process and improve our quality of services. Whether it’s HR, payroll, accountancy, documentation etc. we implement software to assist our requirements.

With CANDO’s growth strategy being implemented by Daniel Shepherd, a young, inspirational individual, the future is extremely bright.

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Castell-nedd Port Talbot

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1st Generation

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