Company name
Campbell & Kennedy Limited


What town/city are you based in?
Glasgow/Milton Keynes

Number of generations
3rd generation


Number of employees


Tell us about your family business (What you do, how you started, who’s involved etc)
Campbell & Kennedy (C&K) was established in 1953 by Tom Kennedy and Robert Campbell, undertaking domestic TV and radio installations around the Glasgow area. Since these early beginnings, C&K has grown from a small store in Clydebank, Glasgow to a leading nationwide service provider, which incorporates four main divisions.

The company now has an energy division providing solar PV installations for public and private sector organisations throughout the UK; an electrical contracting division working on maintenance contracts for Councils and providing electrical services to new build housing sites; a Technology Solutions division which incorporates the TV side of the business and a Fire Safety division providing fire safety equipment installation and maintenance services. In addition, the company now has four offices throughout the UK in Aberdeen, Glasgow, Northern Ireland and London. This is something we are extremely proud of and that has happened due to the commitment and talent of their people.

Founder, Tom Kennedy’s, children began to take active roles within the company, with his son Gerry becoming Managing Director of the company in 1996 and his daughter Karen and son Tom both holding executive roles within the company, with Tom as Commercial Director and Karen as Operations Manager.

In order to maintain the core family values of the company its rapid expansion, various members of the extended family have roles within the company.

Gerry’s daughter Lynne is the CK Warranty Director, whilst his brother-in-law Brian (59) is the Stores Manager. Meanwhile, Karen’s husband Gordon is the Contracts Manager for the business and her daughter Ashley is the TSG/ Warranty Supervisor. Karen’s son Martyn is an onsite electrician. Finally, our Senior Marketing Executive Joanne is a cousin of Gerry, Tom and Karen.

The company’s growth into a national company was a great source of pride for Tommy Kennedy, who sadly passed away in January 2015. However, his legacy of hard-working and family values will remain embedded within the company as it continues to develop and expand.

By placing family members in key roles across the business, it ensures that the company’s 60-year history of providing high-quality service with a positive attitude continues into the next generation of employees, as the company has always known that providing excellent customer service is the foundation of any successful business. C&K, therefore, places a huge emphasis on ensuring that our team has the right mindset to get the job done – “attitude is everything”. This is reinforced by our customer credo, which outlines the 5 Key Steps of customer service.

What sets us apart from other family businesses is that we consider everyone at C&K family.

What’s your proudest moment/biggest achievement as a family business?
Some highlights would be our move into the energy sector in 2010. We have since installed solar PV to over 60 schools in Scotland, been appointed to over ten large-scale frameworks and have been appointed to large-scale social housing contracts such as the installation of solar to 2,200 social housing properties for Babergh & Mid Suffolk Councils (the largest contract of its kind at the time). Moreover, last year we achieved ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certification which highlights the efficient systems we have in place and will help us grow further.

Whilst it is difficult to pinpoint one achievement, we would have to say that our greatest achievement was securing our contract with Sky TV back in 2006 and subsequently being appointed as THE approved contractor for Scotland and Northern Ireland. This really put us on the map and helped us to grow, allowing us to open more offices and create more employment and training opportunities. We would never have been appointed to this contract if Sky TV didn’t believe in us. The fact that we have retained this great relationship for over nine years highlights the level of customer service we provide, the professionalism of the company and our hard work.
Sky isn’t the only company to appoint us as a sole contractor. at800, an independent organisation created to ensure that all UK viewers continue to receive Freeview when 4G at 800 MHz is activated in their area, appointed us as their main contractor for Scotland and Northern Ireland. Similarly to Sky, initially at800 had various contractors, but in order to control quality and retain their brand name, reduced this list and appointed C&K as the main contractor. Again, this highlights how far the company has come from a small local contractor to a nationally reputable contractor.

What do you love about being a family business?
We love that despite our continuous success, we retain core family values and a good team spirit. We see everyone in the company as a family. Campbell & Kennedy is a perfect example of a successful family business which has been handed down from father to son, with 2nd and 3rd generation family members playing key roles within the company. It has grown immensely and continues to thrive, whilst at the same time giving back to the community in which it was founded – creating new jobs, safeguarding jobs, helping our suppliers grow and supporting local sports teams and charities. Whilst Gerry’s excellent foresight and strategic decisions have led to the company enjoying huge success, other family members have played key roles in growing the company. Gerry’s brother Tom, our Operations Director, oversees the electrical and energy teams who compete with multi-million-pound organisations.