Company name
Button & Family Funeral Services


What town/city are you based in?
Chatham, Kent (Medway)

Number of generations
3rd generation


Number of employees


Tell us about your family business (What you do, how you started, who’s involved etc)
We opened our doors in July 2005 when we had our chapel of rest blessed. This was after a year or so hunting for the right location and then having it refurbished to our exacting needs and standards.

We are able to offer our families traditional values even with the most modern of services.
We strive to deliver the highest levels of care, compassion and professionalism while walking alongside the families we serve, it’s the same person throughout the entire journey so families don’t have to repeat themselves or keep meeting with someone different – even on the day of the funeral. We do not believe that everyone is the same so offer a bespoke and unique service where our families pick and choose exactly what suits their requirements – they go as they please I guess you could say!

We cater for all religious beliefs and will not allow anyone to face the heartache and distress of grief alone. We do not disappear after the funeral day either and often lend an ear over a nice cup of tea to families we have helped a good while earlier. It’s the little things we do that our families often comment on, it’s the little things that can make such a difference and it’s often these same little things that are forgotten by so many others, we pride ourselves in setting the standards that others then follow.

“We would expect nothing but excellence for our family and everyone we care for becomes a Button so only excellence is acceptable.”

Mr Chris Button – “Dad” and the brains behind our business model. Everybody who meets him loves him. He is gentle and kind and very clever and fair, he is also a great listener.

Mrs Gai Button –“ Mum”- she plays a large role in how we look, almost everything artistic is left to her.

Mrs Sara-Jane Stratton – “Little Sister”, who joined us after the tragic loss of her son and wanted to use her experience to help other families who have found themselves in a similar situation.

Mr Christopher Basham – “Andrea’s Son”. Chris has just completed the first part of his Funeral Directors qualification with the Independent Funeral Directors College – fingers crossed for the results!

Mr Shane Chandler – “Childhood sweetheart” who stepped back into Andrea’s life some years ago much to the whole family’s joy. He has quickly become Andrea’s aid and Chris’ partner in crime – it used to be all the girls v Chris but now he has back up!!

Miss Emily Maynard – Emily, who works part-time, is not a blood relative but in the years she has been with us as a colleague she has become a Button. We met Emily when we looked after both her Nan and Grandfather.

Andrea Button – “Me” I guess this whole journey started with me. My husband left me and I needed a job, everyone thought I was mad looking for work in the funeral sector when I had been so down and depressed but the families I helped in my early days also helped me – they put my problems into perspective for me. I took to it like a duck to water then my mum and dad said “we’ve got a little bit of money and we want to invest it in you” and so Button & Family was born. Since that day our already strong little family unit has worked hard together, stressed together, cried together and laughed together along this road to where we are now.

What’s your proudest moment/biggest achievement as a family business?
Every funeral we carry out is the proudest especially when the family find time to give us a five-star review or post a thank you card or pop in for a chat etc. And also:
•   Won “Funeral Planner of the year” twice in two years.
•   Climbed the mast of a tall ship for the Jubilee Sailing Trust.
•   Have a charity spray, which is a spray of artificial flowers hired out – the fee is given to charity, we have been able to donate to lots           of local causes from The Aspinall Foundation (helping to get a Gorilla back to the wild) to a poorly local boy, to the BBC’s ONE SHOW,         CHILDREN IN NEED, Rickshaw Challenge.
•   A really super letter from the Not Forgotten Association thanking our families for a donation made from funds from the charity spray.
•   A certificate of appreciation from Veterans Bereavement Support Services for the help and support we have provided those who serve          and have served in our Armed Forces and Merchant Navy.
•   We are very proud to be the only funeral service listed as a ‘Medway Fair Trader’ by Medway Council.
•   Andrea becoming a fully licensed and qualified funeral director.
•   Becoming finalists in the National Family Business Awards (Yippee!)

What do you love about being a family business?
•   Our bonds as a family were already strong but each day they just get stronger and stronger.
•   A pride in the knowledge that our family name “Button” has come to mean care and quality.
•   We set the rules not remote accountants or boards of directors who are worried about profits and shareholders so we are free to go that      extra mile for our families
•   No nasty bosses!