Company name
Burton Road Chippy


What town/city are you based in?

Number of generations
2nd generation

Foodservice – Fish and Chips

Number of employees

£500k – £1m

Tell us about your family business (What you do, how you started, who’s involved etc)
We run an award winning fish and chip takeaway and restaurant in Lincoln; with nearly 100 years combined experience in our industry. We have run Burton Road Chippy since 2003, having owned other fish and chip shops around Lincoln since 1996. I began working with my Dad Des, and step mum Lesley, in the shop in March 2013, and my sister Natasha began working in the restaurant and on social media in June 2011 on a part-time basis.

What’s your proudest moment/biggest achievement as a family business?
A combined effort of myself, Des, Lesley and Natasha over 7 months resulted in being runners up in the Independent Takeaway category at the National Fish and Chip Awards in January 2017 – making us No 2 out of the whole of the UK. We worked on an extensive entry form with supporting evidence, were put through 2 mystery shopper rounds with taste testing, that were handled well by our team, a full audit covering all aspects of the company and a study trip to Norway with other finalists that I attended to explore more about the fishing industry and their sustainable practices, before working on and delivering a presentation to a panel of industry experts. It was delivered by mother and daughter team Lesley and Natasha. The process was a real family affair of course supported by our team.

What do you love about being a family business?
Knowing we all share the same goals, even though there are plenty of squabbles along the way, we’re always working for each other. We all bring different strengths to the business, covering all aspects, which allows each family member to shine.