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Family business of the year

Jenny Belcher started Boogie Bounce classes in 1996 when she discovered the most amazing benefits that bouncing around on a mini trampoline could provide. Not only did she shape up, lose weight and get rid of her asthma, she felt full of energy and enthusiasm for life. Bouncing became addictive! She wanted to share her new found love with everyone. In 1996 she qualified and gained my RSA Exercise to Music and started off with 10 mini trampolines in her class. Very quickly she had to buy more equipment to satisfy the demand, and ended up with 30 mini-trampolines! She ran 2 classes a night, 4 nights a week for 17 years. 

She then went on to develop the Boogie Bounce programme in 2014 which incorporated a safety handle/bar due to an accident in 2013 when she completely lost the ligament in her knee and damaged her cartilage. She needed the handle to help her rehabilitate her knee. She could not believe the dynamic angle the T-bar handle provided using the mat as a resistance tool, but also a totally different aspect to the cardiovascular side of the programme too. Now Boogie Bounce is a limited company and Jenny, her husband Andy and her stepson Sam all work in Boogie Bounce, soon to be joined by her stepdaughter Emily! Boogie Bounce has grown across the world and is now in 12 countries!

Boogie Bounce is the sensational high energy, low impact workout to get fit, have fun and bounce away the fat, suitable for all fitness levels, shapes, sizes and gender. Boogie Bounce is a complete exercise programme on a mini trampoline, with a T-bar safety handle, choreographed to chart-topping inspiring music which includes an extremely effective cardio section, and a really powerful bums, tums and thighs section too. Every muscle in the body is worked. Our programmes are designed to promote a fun, party-like atmosphere with inspiring music. Anyone and everyone can do this at their own pace whilst gaining the impressive health results that are normally associated with high impact aerobics classes.

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Sutton ColdfieldWest Midlands (Midlands)

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1st generation

Leisure, Travel & Tourism – Sports/Racing/Gym

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