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Beckleberry’s is a proud northern-based pioneer in top-notch ice creams, sorbets and patisserie, an ardent champion of local sourcing, larger-than-life adult-leaning flavour profiles and commendable social responsibility that operates under a GOURMET WITH A NORTHERN SOUL banner.

Beckleberry’s is a proud father & son business that began life back in 1996 when Peter (eldest son) decided that a traditional university life wasn’t for him about the same time his father, (Ian) a recently redundant ex-colliery engineer was wondering how best to spend his redundancy money.

Both shared a deep-seated appreciation of ice cream and their proud Northern roots and were keen to tap into the region’s proud manufacturing traditions to create something tangible.  They enroled on a short ice cream course at Reading University and the rest, as they say, is history, becoming in 2017 the 1st Northern based food business to win 100 Great Taste Awards.

From the outset Ian & Peter (joined by younger brother David in 2014) were determined to fashion a top-notch ice cream on very bold and uncompromising criteria: source locally (e.g. dairy wherever feasible), no limp, half-hearted flavours, always champion traditional craft over excessive mechanisation and champion a clean deck adult leaning palate (with nominal masking sugars) e.g. Liquorice & Blackcurrant, Amaretto & Sour Cherry, Passion Fruit & Tarragon….

Ian is not adverse to being very creative with the flavour profiles and occasionally takes the odd ‘wrong turn’ which is thankfully why Parsnip & Balsamic Vinegar & Curried Pineapple never saw the light of day.

Even though Beckleberry’s makes ice cream, sorbets and patisserie it is sorbets that have been the biggest success story, appealing to mainstream and lactose-free audiences and a far cry from those synthetic, citric acid atrocities of the 1970s/80’s.

Greatest Achievement is probably a toss-up between winning Virgin & British Airways 1st Class & Business class business (planes & business lounges) and our Blackcurrant & Kirsch sorbet winning the Fortnum & Mason Supreme Business Champion in 2008.

I admire the pride Beckleberry’s feels for its Northern roots (their strapline is Gourmet with a Northern soul) and willingness to take on the SW and Home Counties artisan ice cream monopoly, their commitment to bold, unpredictable flavour profiles and the sincere social responsibility that is central to the brand e.g. actively champion Momentum charity (Stroke Association) by providing jobs to individuals who struggle to return to employment.


What town/city are you based in?
Tyne & Wear (North East)

Number of generations
2nd generation

Food & Drink (Ice-Cream)

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