Nominated for:
•  Best small business

•  Family business of the year
•  Technology & innovation

Alerter Group plc (previously known as Deaf Alerter plc) has a range of innovative products, helping to save the lives on a daily basis. We design, assemble, sell, install & maintain all our equipment in the UK, using our team of skilled, permanent staff.Deaf Alerter – market leading radio-based fire alarm and messaging system for Deaf and hard of hearing people.Refuge Alerter – market leading radio-based emergency communication system to be used by disabled people using emergency refuge areas in buildings.Site Alerter – our new radio-based system, incorporating help points along with alerting individuals on noisy/restricted sites to evacuation messages.
These products have all been designed by our own in-house R&D team. Our customers are varied and include Education (Universities, Colleges and Schools), Government (Local and Central), Blue Chip Companies, Hotels, retail and charities.

In addition, we sell other related products and services:
We re-sell, install & maintain all major suppliers of induction loop and infra-red room systems.
We specify and install bespoke site-wide radio systems for sites like Rolls Royce nuclear, where radios are used in critical emergency situations.
Support contracts are an important element of our business – with over £1.2million of revenue a year currently. Many of our customers are on 3/5-year contracts, proving their commitment to us & our commitment to them.
Steve Haseldine (Chairman) was a founder along with his wife Karen Haseldine. They have now semi-retired and their children Chris Haseldine (Sales Director) and Claire Presland (Commercial Director) now run the business with their management team. Each of the recent years has been a record for turnover and profit. However, sustainable growth has been and continues to be our main strategy. As a family company, we want to be able to keep the business for future generations. Our strong family & ethical values are an important part of our success. We are proud of our high standard and commitment to quality. The family and our team are also proud of the products we have developed and we have incredible job satisfaction knowing we are helping to save lives, every second of every day.

What town/city are you based in?
DerbyDerbyshire (Midlands)

Number of generations
2nd generation


Number of employees