The National Family Business Awards, organised and hosted by Family Business Place, were previously known as the Red Ribbon Awards. But in 2017 they have been rebranded to reflect their growing reputation for discovering and recognising the most outstanding family businesses throughout all four corners of the UK. 

From cider makers in Cardiff and bespoke tailors in London, to manufacturers in Glasgow and food producers in Birmingham. The country is rich and varied in enterprising families leading and growing some of Britain’s most successful independent companies.

The National Family Business Awards were founded in 2009 by Anita Brightley-Hodges who herself heads up a family business, working alongside her husband, two daughters and her son-in-law as well as an exceptional team. Anita realised the UK was very poor in recognising the incredible contribution that family-owned companies make to Britain’s economy. Not only do they generate billions in taxes and employ over 9 million people, they are also some of the most innovative and exciting business around. What’s more, they are businesses of integrity and family values with a long term view for generations to come.

With so much economic uncertainty looming and in a country where large corporates have such power, it’s crucial that we support and protect our independent businesses – the backbone of Britain’s economy.

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