Company name
Abbott-Wade Ltd


What town/city are you based in?

Number of generations
1st generation

Joinery / Home Improvement

Number of employees

£500k – £1m

Tell us about your family business (What you do, how you started, who’s involved etc)
Abbott-Wade Joinery was established with some help from the Prince’s Trust in 1996 by close friends Mike Wade and Craig Abbott; both highly skilled and experienced craftsman. Mike and Craig identified a need for a specialist staircase company focussing on the supply, design and installation of bespoke staircase conversions and have pioneered the methods and techniques which have now become the industry standard.

The family connections in the business are extensive. The office team includes Eddie, the brother in law; and Lana, a cousin of director Mike Wade. The fitting team includes Craig’s father Dave and step-son Charles in addition to Mike’s other cousin Lee. Both Lee and Charles joined the company as apprentices and have risen through the ranks as accomplished joiners. Behind the scenes, Johanna Wade and Michelle Abbott, the wives of Craig and Mike also play a key role in marketing and maintaining a steady ship.

What’s your proudest moment/biggest achievement as a family business?
There have been many proud moments for us as a company, like moving our operations out of our garages and into our first business premises. Our proudest moment though is watching the successes of our family team. We took on Mike’s younger cousin Lee and Craig’s step-son Charles as apprentices. We’ve watched them grow from young boys and graduate into top-quality joiners. Lee has now progressed to a team leader and also gained an HND with distinctions. The next generation is ensuring future of the company is looking bright.

What do you love about being a family business?
If you compare a family business like ours with other companies, you’ll find that the team members trust one other more, they help each other more, they laugh more. They share the values of honesty and hard work. All of this is certainly true of the Abbott-Wade family.

In a family business everybody takes accountability and has to pull their weight; there are no personal agendas and everybody looks after each other. When it’s in everybody’s best interest to ensure that every job is done well; where each individual has a responsibility to another to ensure that standards are maintained and the reputation of the company is upheld; you know that you are going to receive the best possible outcome! These things can only happen when you have a team comprised of more than just ‘employees’.

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